District 4110 is formed by five states of central-north Mexico: Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua.

Geographically it is one of the largest in the world; from south to north there are almost 1,500 kms (almost a thousand miles). It has a great variety of weather and ecosistems. Heat, cold, cool and mild weather, the desert and the woods are all present in 4110.

In relation to Rotary Youth Exchange, it mainly is present in twelve cities:

• Aguascalientes
• Zacatecas
• Durango
• Torreón
• Delicias
• Chihuahua
• Ciudad Cuauhtémoc
• Nuevo Casas Grandes
• Ciudad Juárez
• Piedras Negras
• Monclova
• Saltillo

All of them are from mid to large size cities, but in all life is pleasant, with all kind of services and a great possibility of diverse activities.

RYE 4110 offers to its  a sus inbound schools:

• Good and excelent schools.
• Familiar environment and the traditional mexican hospitality.
• A 60-hours Spanish course, at no cost!
• Sports, Culture and Adventure
• Traveling (Mayan Tour and others throughout interesting and beautiful places of Mexico)

Besides, the territory of 4110 is exempt of hurricanes, it is not sismic zone and life is tranquile!


As part of our agreement with our Partner Districts, we in 4110 assume the obligations for:

• Managing the documents with opportunity, so all can be done on time and even in advance.
• Every three months we send a report to the sponsor District, about its students.
• We recognize our six best inbound students with a free travel for a week to another district.
• We accept the early returns from our partners, at no discussion. We trust our Rotarian friends.
• We expect from our partners to accept the early return of our mexican outbound students, upon our request.
• The inbound students from a same country are allocated throughout the District in diferent cities, to avoid their concentration and its inconveniences.